Awesome Features

Make quick sales and manage your loyalty program from your smart phone.

  • Table Management

    Use your Android POS to take orders at the counter, at the table.

  • Cash Management

    ATSPOS offers to track cash-in / cash-out to eliminate staff mistake.

  • Reward Points

    Run your own Loyalty Reward system for your customers, Boost your sales.

  • Split Bill Payments

    Customers can easily split a bill or use multiple forms of tender to complete a payment.

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  • Gift Cards

    Create your own customized gift cards, featuring your logo.

  • Employee Shifts

    You can see a summary report of your shift with expected cash amount.

  • No Charge & Deals

    Generate No Charge bills. Add promotions like "Buy one get one (BOGO)" etc.

  • Report Dashboard

    Sync with the cloud in real time. Login gives you full access to manage your entire POS system.

More Features

It is made for everyone who would like to use phone to issue invoices.

  • Offline Billing

    ATSPOS is designed to be offline first and works either with no internet or with "slow" internet.

  • Email Receipts

    Send bills to customer email enabling you to go paperless and green.

  • Discounts

    Apply discounts in percentage or amount. Create pre defined discount keys.

  • Modifiers, Add-on

    Automatic tagging of menu item with multiple modifiers like "Less Spicy" or "No Onion" is easy.

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  • Quick Payments

    You can accept cash, credit cards, account sales, check and more.

  • Kitchen Printers

    Instantly print kitchen order in the kitchen, bar or wherever it needs to be produced.

  • Dining options

    Note whether customers are dining in, taking their order out, or requesting delivery.

  • Voids

    ATSPOS app has secured Void Bill and item transaction control with password and remark.

How it Works

Digital Billing for Restaurants with Reward Points and Outlet Gift Card

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What we offer to restaurants

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You will not be embarrassed to display this POS unit at your cash counter.All you need to start is your smartphone and portable printer.

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